Rate Sheet Updates (Best Efforts and Non-Delegated)

Our Best Efforts Delegated and Non-Delegated Rate sheets have been updated to reflect new Loan Level Price Adjustments. For Conventional, a new field has been added to capture the LLPA for Manufactured Housing. For Government loans, two fields have been added to capture the LLPAs for DTI>50% and Manufactured Housing. The fields will be visible on the rate sheets immediately but the actual LLPAs will not be updated and implemented until Wednesday, January 5th.

Conventional LLPA Tab

Loan Feature
Investment Property (0.050) (0.050)
Second Home (0.050) (0.050)
Investment Property or Second Home <680 (0.250) (0.250)
Investment Property or Second Home , LTV>80% (0.250) (0.250)
Investment Property or Second Home, DTI< 40% (0.250) (0.250)
DTI >45% (0.100) (0.100)
Manufactured Housing 0.000 0.000

Government LLPA Tab

Product Type
DTI>50% 0.000
Manufactured Housing 0.000

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Thank you for your continued business.