Announcement: FHFA GSE Price Change

In response to the recent FHFA announcement requiring GSE price changes for certain High Balance and Second Home Loans effective for GSE deliveries on or after April 1st, 2022, the following pricing updates will apply to all PHH Mortgage Best Efforts and Mandatory commitments.

Best Efforts – Best Effort locks as of 1/10/22 will reflect new pricing adjusters based on the updated GSE LLPAs. For loans locked prior to 1/10/22 that are purchased after 3/18/22 and do not have the appropriate LLPA or price adjustment, LLPAs will be added to the final price at the time of purchase.

Mandatory – Mandatory pricing provided on or after 3/1/22 will reflect new price adjusters based on GSE LLPAs.  Loans priced prior to 3/1/22 that are purchased after 3/18/22, may be subject to additional LLPAs at the time of purchase.

For addition information, reference the below links:

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